What is Sous Weed®?

Sous Weed began as a passion project to document my cannabis creations using the sous vide method. The interest first came from the need for holistic pain management when I herniated a disc. It was a struggle just getting out of bed and the doctor had me on a lot of pain medication. I made the switch to cannabis because it was easier on the system and helped get me through my day-to-day tasks.

At the time, I had a strict landlord and I needed to be very discreet with the wafting scent of cannabis; this meant a Crock-Pot or cooking on the stovetop was out of the question. I was the creative director of a sous vide startup and thought I'd put our machines to the test—and it worked!  

With the sous vide method, it was easy to make healthier edibles and to customize the dosage to my needs.

Why is the Sous Vide® Method Better? 

Sous vide (pronounced sue-veed) only sounds complicated but I promise it's quite simple! Sous vide refers to the process of placing your food in a bag or airtight jar and cooking it at a precise temperature in a pot of water. 

Since the cannabis and oil are sealed in an airtight bag and placed underwater to infuse—there's no smell! There's also no need to babysit a stovetop or open flame. The best part is, you can make multiple infusions at once! 

All you need to do is set the temperature on your sous vide machine, seal your ingredients up, and drop it into the water. You can walk away and go about your day without worrying about overcooking your cannabis. 


Why DIY? 

At Sous Weed®, we want to encourage and empower people to make their own infusions. Let's be frank. If you live in a legal state, you are probably experiencing higher prices due to new licensing costs and taxes. Edibles, oils, and tinctures are getting increasingly expensive which means patients and caretakers are finding it difficult to get the medicine in the prices and dosages they need.

You can also say goodbye to stale, preservative-laden edibles from the dispensary. When you do-it-yourself, you have the freedom to dose your own snacks and meals to your personal preference!


Cannabis Edibles 101

Always start low and go slow. Begin with a 5-10mg edible and wait up to 2 hours for full effects. 

1. Always dose precisely and listen to your body. 
2. If you've had too much and start to feel ill, CBD will help counteract the effects of the THC. Naps are great, too.
3. Do not operate heavy machinery or drive under the influence of cannabis.
4. Always properly label your cannabis edibles and infusions with the dosage. Keep out of the reach of children.
5. Enjoy and stay hydrated!