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Potli Hemp CBD Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you don’t have time to Sous Weed and just want to reach into the pantry for a delicious CBD-infused olive oil, I highly recommend Potli. Add this cold-pressed olive oil in any of your culinary creations to add a little lift to your day. All ingredients are bottled in Northern California and ships legally nationwide.


Potli Hemp CBD Infused Raw Honey

Indulge in a spoonful whenever tranquility of the body and mind is required. Potli's Hemp Honey may help you de-stress, reduce anxiety and nausea, and benefit from anti-inflammatory properties. Made by happy bees in Northern California and ships legally nationwide.


ONDA Full Spectrum Hemp CBD - Save 20% with code ‘sousweed20’

ONDA provides a variety of full spectrum, whole-plant hemp CBD capsules and tinctures that taste amazing. An array of 7-8 terpenes work to make the benefits of CBD more bioavailable. You can get 20% off your order with the code “sousweed20”.