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NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

With cannabis now legalized in California, NBC News’ Jacob Soboroff reports on the businesses springing up that do a lot more than just selling people weed to smoke.


All sorts of businesses are springing up in the wake of the legalization of recreational marijuana in California. Due to regulations and taxes, growing and selling cannabis won’t be affordable for most, leading entrepreneurs to come up with other ideas. NBC’s Jacob Soboroff reports on TODAY.


VICE Munchies

The future is female—especially when it comes to bringing marijuana-infused food into the world of fine dining.

Huffington Post

But as legalization spreads and more people ― and more money ― enter the market, not everyone is interested in reckoning with the devastating effects of criminalization or with preserving the industry’s relatively progressive gender balance.

Fortunately, women, specifically women of color, have already been doing the work.



One of the brand’s earliest product testers was Monica Lo, more commonly known as Sous Weed. A pioneer of the cannabis chef movement and longtime photographer and creative director, her blog was born in 2015 as a passion to document her cannabis-infused creations using the sous vide method as a holistic pain management plan and to avoid alerting her landlord to the smell of the plant while she cooked.



For the longest time, cooking with cannabis meant spending too long making cannabutter on your stove or in a crockpot so that it could be thrown into some brownies or Rice Krispies treats. It wasn’t fancy but it got you baked and — let’s be real — that was the goal. But increased legalization has led to refined cultivation that places quality kush in the hands of culinarians who see it as another ingredient to be explored in the context of their craft.



The Highlight: Monica Lo's @SousWeed Is Taking Edibles to the Next Level



The Curated Guide to Cannabis in the Bay Area: Artisan Edibles, Smart Pot Shops, Mind-Bending Events + More


We Are Phenomenal

We Are Phenomenal curates Q&A's as a way to pay it forward and showcase the journey of remarkable women and non-binary folks as authentically as possible. 


Her Canna Life: High-Minded Women

“Ask yourself: What’s your truth? What’s your passion? Then you turn those two elements into action. The cannabis industry is wide open for you to make something that’s wholly different and uniquely yours.” –-Monica Lo


Cannabis MD

“These prolific chefs are using modern techniques to create world class cuisine worthy of James Beard acknowledgment and perhaps even a Michelin Star or two… There’s Chef Monica Lo in San Francisco, who beautifully marries the intricacies of infusion with the deft skill of submerge cooking or sous vide.”


Mother Jones: My Dinner With San Francisco’s Cannabis Gourmets

A new group of elite entrepreneurs are trading in marijuana-infused luxury foods.

NBC Asian America

Lo said she began documenting her experience on a blog that would eventually become “Sous Weed,” which garnered a lot of interest from her community and eventually led to the creation of Asian Americans for Cannabis Education, which she co-founded, with Ophelia Chong and Tiffany Wu.



Sous Weed founder Monica Lo goes way beyond pot brownies with her sous vide-based marijuana-infused recipes. This is haute cuisine at its highest level. "Sous vide is every top chef's secret weapon to making delicious food consistently. Since you're cooking underwater at a very precise temperature, sous vide lends itself perfectly to cannabis cooking--no more smelly crockpots! It's discreet and safe," Lo tells CNET's Crave blog.


Working Not Working

An Advertising Creative Gone Rogue Talks Cannabis, Food, & Tech. In our interview, Monica talks about the misconceptions of cannabis, and how each of the above projects shifts the conversation and sheds light on the plant's many benefits.



Cannabis is making headlines in politics, business, and culture. Jamie Evans, "The Herb Somm," highlights how "The Cooking Journal: A Cannabis Culinary Companion" is a resource for cannabis-lovers' kitchens.



Earlier this year, Wu and two friends, photographer Ophelia Chong and startup creative director Monica Lo, co-founded a new group to help do just that: Asian Americans for Cannabis Education (AACE) aims to expand marijuana dialogue among Asian Americans, who Wu says are consumers of marijuana but are less likely to be transparent about their use or join the industry. It is one of the first-of-its-kind groups with that goal.

Remedy Review

The women who made this year’s list have achieved great accomplishments while spearheading cannabis related businesses, research, or legal matters that are pushing the industry forward, all while reducing stigmas associated with hemp and other cannabis extracts.


CIVILIZED: 24 Most Influential Women in Cannabis

The cannabis space wouldn't be what it is today a number of female trailblazers paving the way in all sectors of the industry, from activism to politics to entrepreneurship. These women have continued to spearhead their efforts toward directing cannabis to be more open and accessible to women and minorities. While no list could adequately cover the efforts of everyone involved, here are 24 of the most influential women in cannabis.


7x7’s 2019 Cannabis Guide

Sous Weed is featured in 7x7’s 2019 Curated Guide to Cannabis in the Bay Area: Best Dispensaries, Deliveries, Artisan Edibles + More.


ONDA Effects: An Interview with Sous Weed

This week on Onda Community Interviews, we sat with Monica Lo, creator of the award-winning cannabis blog, Sous Weed, to about Monica’s deeper passions and how they shape her career today.



People have been cooking with cannabis for years, but the the legalization of weed in California has taken it to a new level. Home cooks are sharing their recipes online and professional chefs are hosting multi-course meals.


Now that marijuana is legal in eight U.S. states (oh hey, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Alaska, Colorado, Maine and Massachusetts), it’s no surprise that cannabis-infused items like lip balm and body lotion are popping up all over the place. But now you can have your weed and eat it too, thanks to these gorgeous recipes by Monica Lo, chef and creator of the recipe blog Sous Weed.



Professional cannabis chefs have one of the coolest jobs ever. Then again, it’s hard enough to put together a spectacular meal in the kitchen without the added challenge of incorporating the perfect amount and type of cannabis for each dish. How do canna-chefs do it?



San Francisco’s restaurant scene may be dominated by men, but in the cannabis culinary world, women are leading the way. Meet the talented and dynamic women who are creating San Francisco’s canna-culinary culture.


Feastly: #GirlswithKnives

Monica Lo is true Jackette of all trades — a chef, photographer, food stylist, activist, and cannabis advocate. Her latest project is Sous Weed, which showcases “cannabis as an ingredient as opposed to merely a psychoactive additive.” According to Monica, “Cannabis is a versatile, nutrient-dense vegetable and we aim to treat it as a culinary challenge like any other.” Monica is also a contributor to Menu Stories, a podcast and multimedia collection of stories about restaurants and the people behind them.


The Sous Weed founder shows us the secret to her infused chicken and fennel salad, and explains how the restaurant world’s favorite culinary gadget can make perfectly portioned edibles.


The Herb Somm: Chef Spotlight with Monica Lo

Cooking with cannabis is one of the hottest trends in the herbal industry. Award winning chefs and talented edible producers are at the forefront of this exciting gourmet movement, and are creating unique recipes and pairings that elevate the dining experience. 

As passionate foodies and curious cannasseurs, we here at The Herb Somm have launched a ‘Chef Spotlight’ series, highlighting industry leaders that use cannabis as a key ingredient for their culinary creations, applying unique cooking techniques that create the best medicated infusions.


Healthyish x Bon Appetit

Meet Megon Dee-Cave, Sarah Best, Joline Rivera, Monica Lo, and Christina Bellman, the women at the forefront of shaping the culinary cannabis space.


The Herb Somm: Food As Medicine

How two leading voices in the Asian American community tapped into their roots to bring cannabis cuisine to the modern consumer.