I just got back from a lovely trip to Mendocino where we stayed in the garden suite of an Airbnb. The host had a lovely Asian pear tree so heavy with fruit that the branches started to break. She was kind enough to let me take home a giant tote bag full of pears to play with. Here's an Asian-inspired gazpacho that's perfect for summer and also uses the raw cannabis cube from my last post. 

Asian Pear Cannabis Gazpacho
Serves 1

• 1 cup golden cherry tomatoes
• 1/2 large Asian pear
• 2 tsp ginger, minced
• 2 garlic cloves
• 2 green onions, rough chop
• 1 jalapeno, seeded
• 3 Tbsp fresh cannabis juice, or 1 canna-cube
• 1/2 tsp toasted sesame oil
• 1 Tbsp fish sauce
• 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
• Salt and white pepper to taste
• 1 piece toasted bread, optional
• Pinch of sesame seeds, optional 

1. Add cherry tomatoes, Asian pear, ginger, garlic, green onions, jalapeno, cannabis juice, sesame oil, and apple cider vinegar into the blender and puree until smooth. 
2. Salt and pepper to taste.
3. Garnish with shredded scallions, a few cherry tomatoes, sesame seeds and serve with a piece of toasted bread. 

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