Cannabis Infused Vodka

The old-school way of infusing cannabis into vodka is to leave it in a dark closet for weeks, the sous vide method will shave the time down to just 2 hours. This process is great for making infusions and tinctures. Imagine multiple jars in the water bath with different spirits, strains, flavors... the possibilities are endless!

Sous vide Cannabis Infused Vodka
Makes 250ml

• 250ml vodka (or your spirit of choice! Gin & Chronic, anyone?)
• 1g flowers (I used Cannalope Haze)

1. Crush your buds in a grinder and decarb for maximum potency.
2. Set your sous vide water bath to 60ºC.
3. Pour your decarboxylated buds and spirit into a mason jar (finger tight) or a zip seal bag. Seal and sous vide for 2 hours. 
4. After two hours, remove from water bath and let the infused alcohol cool to room temperature before you open. 
5. A teaspoon or two is all you need to punch up a cocktail! 

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